Girls, it is time to get super excited, because “Girls Night Out The Show” is coming!!!

Let these sexy men sweep you off your feet as you and your friends let your inner flirts out to play & party. Girls Night out the Show is the sexiest display of live entertainment for women on the road today!

The men bring the heat seven nights a week on the 2017 Stripped Down Tour, so get fired up! These guys are gonna make you melt. The excitement is real and the boys are coming to town to celebrate with you and your girlfriend’s. The Show has been designed for the Contemporary Woman in mind featuring a strong cast of perfectly fit men to appeal to a variety of taste. The Show is a multi-media experience like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

It’s 120 minutes of high-energy and Wildly Fun Excitement as the men perform, dance and sing all created and designed just for you.

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Girls Night Out the Show Live is an exciting, Sex God, Ab Party, that will drive you absolutely Wild… in the best possible way of course! These ripped Men bring down the house every night of the week on their 2017 Stripped Down Tour with a Man-tastic Night of Fun and Excitement, leaving you wanting more every time. These men go hard Seven Nights a week, so you and the girls can get some action and blow off some steam whenever you need it. Whether you’re celebrating a Birthday, Bachelorette, Divorce, Dirty Thirty or your own Sheer Awesome Self. You will meet your party match with GIRLS NIGHT OUT THE SHOW!

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Along With Having Your Mind Blown... Here's a few more details about what you can look forward to at the Girls Night Out The Show: 120 sexy minutes of getting extremely hot watching the sexiest Male performers in the country; each number is electrifying as the guys drive you wild; they entice and tantalize; they tease you as a you beg for more... then boom they bust out the Hip-Hop, Dance, Country, & Rock performing dance-moves that leave you out of your seats cheering and screaming. All of this and more happens as you experience the best live Male Revue shows in the nation. Throughout the amazing dances and ripped ab goodness, there are also interactive games & audience Participation. The Show features contemporary backdrops, state-of-the-art lighting, sound design, theatrics, an amazing wardrobe & Next Generation Special Effects for an immersive experience like you've never seen before!

Oh, yes Girls! And there's drinks! Delicious, alcoholic, adult-beverages to be had by you and your friends. Come have fun and get rambunctious and a little wild. Your party's not going to plan itself, you know, so let's get you started! Get your tickets now!


Do you have the LOOKS, BODY and GREAT ATTITUDE to match?



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