For Patrons...

Are tickets refundable?

Under no circumstances are tickets refunded, when purchased at venue or online. The only exception to this rule is when either the venue or artist cancels the show, in which case, refunds or tickets to another show of your choice will be offered to customers.

How do I know which group/performers are going to be at the show?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this business we can’t guarantee with 100% certainty which group/individual performer is going to be at which show. This is because we have more than 25 total performers who work/take time off/switch crews depending on their needs as individuals. Because of this, in accordance with our refund policy, we can not refund a patron just because a specific dancer they wanted to see is not going to be at the show they’re attending.

How are tickets refunded, in the case of a cancellation?

Tickets bought online are refunded by Girls Night Out. Tickets bought in-person, at the venue are refunded by the venue. Otherwise, a ticket-transfer can be done and we will supply you with tickets to another show of ours.

Are tickets transferable?

Yes. The name on the ticket is not required to be the same as the attendee’s name.

What is the age limit for the show?

Age limit will vary venue-by-venue; our show is made for 18+, but be sure to check with the venue, directly, before purchasing tickets.

How many guys are in the show?

A typical show consists of 5 performers including a host emcee.

Are guys allowed to attend the show?

Our show is created and geared towards a female client-base, but we have no issue with men coming to the show.

What do I do if there is an error with my online ticket purchase?

Send a message using the contact page here on the site, in the message include: name tickets were bought with, email used to buy tickets, a valid email to respond to, and the show you bought tickets to. Do not open a case on Paypal/with your credit card company. We are happy to quickly process a refund if there is an error in your order or if tickets were bought in error. Please allow 2 business days to process each request/message.

For Venue Owners...

What does it take to book The Show?

The Show doesn’t require much out of a venue. All that is required is a max-capacity of 150 or more, an area for the guys to perform, and a willingness to get the word out for the event.

What is needed on the night of the show?

Someone to work the door and take/sell tickets. All revenue generated by ticket sales that is allotted us in the contract is to be paid in cash on the night of the show.

How do I book the show?

Send a direct email to [email protected] with the following info: venue name, location (city, state), venue capacity, preferred phone number, and your preferred email.


Girls Night Out the Show has raised the standard in women’s entertainment! We deliver an upscale ladies night event that handles all aspects of the promotion from start to finish; offering a stress-free, turn-key, Las Vegas Caliber Event that has been designed and tailored to nightclubs, casinos, theaters, banquet halls, private clubs and others, to name a few!

The Girls Night Out brand currently produces over 800 shows annually, so we are able to offer multiple opportunities annually to host this exciting ladies night event at your venue. We are confident in our show and our ability to draw 100s of new customers to your venue as our company has 29 years experience in the industry and a talented in-house marketing team that will make this event one of the biggest shows your venue has ever seen!

We offer two distinct booking options:
Option #1 being a standard booking fee and rider (cost based on travel, capacity, and other factors to consider on a show-by-show basis)
Option #2 being our Risk Free Show Option, in which we provide 100% of the advertisement and marketing at our expense and work exclusively for tickets sales. There is no out of pocket deposit, you simply handle the in-house push with the provided marketing materials–we handle the rest.

Girls Night Out the Show is fully self-contained, providing a high energy, first class stage spectacular designed and created exclusively for women with contemporary backdrops, state of the art lighting and sound design, theatrics, amazing wardrobe, next generation special effects; we will deliver an immersive experience the likes of which your guests have never seen! It would be a pleasure to speak with you regarding our event and discuss securing a date at your venue for our 2021 Get Wild Tour.

Whether you are with a venue that’s looking for something more than just live music, a hotel that wants a different act, a theater wanting a new style of production, or even a casino seeking something more out of the box, Girls Night Out the Show is a proven success that will be a go to for your venue, year after year.

Drawing new customers for your venue can be a challenge. It takes something creative and exciting to get both old and new customers to your venue in today’s market place.

GIRLS NIGHT OUT THE SHOW is what you are looking for. With over 900 performances yearly, we have a proven record and formula for success in filling the house to capacity! Our in-house marketing team and experienced staff can help guide you from start to finish and make the show one of the biggest most successful events of the year!



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